Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Yuppies (update)

In my recent post I forgot to mention this very modest gift: Wally Hermes Yacht.
It's a collaboration between Monaco ship-builders Wally and Hermès. It will only cost you about £90 million.
Maybe an option for the yuppie zillionaires...

I Can't Wait...

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Yuppies

I am a diagnosed materialist and consumerist. No doubt about it.
But when it comes to Christmas I become a different person, despising the shopping madness and spending spree.
Make no mistake, I love shopping, just not at Christmas. This is a spiritual time. Leave your shopping for the other 364 days of the year.
Having said that, I am aware that most people like to offer or expect to receive beautiful and expensive gifts so here is a list of things I would consider offering.

1. Bladeless fan from Dyson.  Created by James Dyson, the British designer who invented the bagless vacuum. The summer is just around the corner.

2. Limited edition Leica Camera by Hermès. Leica meets Hermès. Could you wish for more?

3. Hermès typewriter. Again, why would you prefer a computer when you could have this classic typewriter? Well, maybe because of gift number 6 below.

4. Chanel snowboard. If you like extreme sports with a touch of class and chic.

5. Gucci/Unicef limited edition "snowman in Africa" bags. You can have an exclusive Gucci bag and still help those who really need your help. Fashion grew a conscience.

6. The Beatles Remastered Catalogue USB. For the modern Beatles lover. Sadly you cannot connect it to the Hermès typewriter.

7. Woolrich USB pen. I'm going through a New Americana phase so, please, bare with me.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Gainsbourgs are back!

Father and daughter are back!
The latter with a new album, out now, and this wonderfully freaky collaboration with Mr. Hansen.
In the video, I love Beck's little tribute to the recently "deceased" fashion house Number (N)ine. Can you spot it? And, as always, I'm pretty much in love with all the frames in which Charlotte appears.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait from Charlotte Gainsbourg on Vimeo.

Monsieur Serge isn't back from the grave but will have is biopic out in January.
The trailer looks very promising.